A delegation from the Ministry of Health headed by its undersecretary for Technical Affairs Samir Koko has started an inspection tour to the health facilities in the southern region.

Among the targeted areas will be Ghat and its surroundings in Oweinat, Thalah, Ghat, Al-Fayyot, Al-Baraka, and Essin.

The ministry said that this comes as part of efforts to improve and develop health services in hospitals and health facilities throughout the country.

One of the main stops for the ministry's delegation was the Ghat Hospital, where they listened to the problems facing the sector and proposals for urgent solutions.

Ghat Hospital has stopped providing services since 2008 because of maintenance work. It is also suffering a severe shortage of doctors, medical and auxiliary medical personnel, according to its staff.

The ministry's delegation got an insight into the health facilities' stockpile of medicines, medical supplies, and equipment, besides the kidney center in the village of Al-Fayyot, and the ambulance services apparatus.