The Ministry of Health has unveiled a strategy to develop the health system in Libya.

The Acting Minister of Health, Ramadan Abu Janah, disclosed the ministry's reforming plan during a meeting that grouped the National Council for Economic and Social Development, health experts, and officials from the Audit Bureau and the Health Ministry.

A statement by the Health Ministry said the project targets approximately 90% of patients whose treatment is significantly beyond their means, in addition to reducing the expenses of treatment abroad by 30% within one year of starting the repair portfolio and starting the localization of treatment in some medical specializations.

A team from the National Council for Economic and Social Development working on the project presented a visual presentation, which included the national strategy for reforming the health system and the regulation to provide and enhance health services, which comes within the comprehensive health coverage initiative.

For his part, Abu Janah affirmed his support for the reforms and emphasized the need to develop the health system and the primary medical care working methods and mechanisms, as he expressed his government's desire to improve the coverage of health services throughout the country.