Several employees from the Health Ministry along with the Union of Greater Tripoli Council have called on the Presidential Council to appoint a minister of health as soon as possible.

In a joint televised statement on Tuesday, the members underscored that the situation in the ministry is "catastrophic" due to the absence of a minister and the frequent orders of arrest issued by the Attorney General for several senior officials at the ministry, which impeded the ministry's work, according to the statement.

"The Attorney General's Office should coordinate with the ministry’s supervisory authorities, and appoint a legal committee to follow up on the ministry’s work," the statement read.

They urged the government to take urgent measures to allow the importation of medicines, in particular the drugs used for treating chronic diseases, tumors, and kidney disease.

In the same context, the head of the Nephrology Unit at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Majda Moussa, sounded the alarm about a crisis in kidney disease medicine and tools stock.

In statements to The Libya Observer, Dr. Majda said that summoning the director of the Medical Supply Department and director of Medical Affairs without prior coordination with the ministry caused a defect in the procedures and obstructed important transactions, foremost of which is the purchase orders, which include much-needed tools for the treatment of kidney patients.

"The Shat Dialysis Center has raised the alarm that it is running out of vital tools, as the stocks they have would only keep them going for a week," Dr. Majda said.

She called on the government and all influential figures in the state to take the case seriously to ensure these tools and medicines are provided as quickly as possible.