Tripoli Medical Center (TMC) said it had received an ultimatum from the Indian maintenance company that is specialized in overhauling and activating the electromechanical equipment saying it was going to suspend work in 48 hours if its delayed financial dues were not paid out.

The TMC added in a statement Wednesday that it has been suffering from acute shortages in medicines and medications as well as equipment, leading to obstacles in the center’s work, especially at the laboratories, not to mention the shortage of foreign nurses, who left their positions empty, causing a decrease in the accommodation capacity at different sections.

“The neonatal section, operations section, the intensive care unit, and the emergency section among others will be shut if the Indian company suspended work.” The statement reads, adding that water and electricity supplies would be stopped and the artificial air supplies needed for the sterilization equipment would also be stopped leading to the shutdown of the whole center.

The TMC urged the Libyan government officials to immediately solve the issues that are getting in the way of its work so that it can continue to provide medical care for patients normally.