A delegation from the Authority for Supporting and Developing Treatment Services met on Friday with representatives from the San Donato Hospital Group in Italy to discuss initiating a project for a Libyan-Italian smart medical hospital.

The meeting grouped the Assistant Health Attaché, the President of the National Authority for Organ, Tissue, and Cell Transplantation, the Director of Tripoli University Hospital, and representatives from the Authority for Development and Improvement of Administrative Centres.

Discussions focused on the essential prerequisites for developing a construction plan for the hospital, which will be linked to a medical call centre in Italy and conform to the highest global standards.

The hospital aims to facilitate swift diagnosis and healthcare, reducing the need for costly and arduous patient travel. Previously, a medical team from the San Donato Hospital Group visited Libya to assess hospitals, evaluate the level of medical services, and work on localizing treatment within Libya.

San Donato Group is Italy's largest hospital network, operating 56 facilities and serving around five million patients annually. The group integrates clinical activity with higher education and scientific research.