Deputy Prime Minister/ Minister of Health Ramadan Abu Janah has discussed with the Director of the International Medical Center in Cairo, Dr. Ashraf Abdel-Radi, issues in the contract concluded with the center to treat Libyan patients with atrophy.

Last March, Libya signed an MoU to send muscular dystrophy patients to receive treatment at the International Medical Centre during a visit by the health minister to Cairo.

A statement by the Ministry of Health said the two sides discussed the financial settlement of previous patients and a mechanism for accepting new cases.

According to the statement, the health ministry will resume dispatching Libyan patients to the centre provided the cases referred match the gene therapy.

The agreement also allows Libyans to receive three months of physical therapy instead of a month, with an emphasis on the qualification of the accompanying medical staff.

During his visit to the centre, Abu Janah paid a visit to a Libyan child admitted to Cairo's medical centre to follow up on his condition,

The ministry said the child was making a remarkable recovery thanks to the centre's efforts.