The Head of Libya's National Center for Disease Control, Haidar Al-Sayeh, said Libya entered the fourth wave of Covid-19 pandemic after the outbreak of Omicron variant, adding that the positive cases are increasing in a rapid manner; a serious problem which Libya hadn't seen over the last months.

Al-Sayeh said the solution is to divide Libya into health areas to face the wave because there can be no common conditions for all cities alike as each one has a certain degree of outbreak.

"I said over two months ago that this wave is going to come late in January not because I'm a fortune teller but because of the figures and indicators." He added, calling on people to get vaccinated. 

The center recommended going back to imposing precautionary measures in public and work places, in addition to taking legal action against violators to ensure commitment and supporting quarantine centers to increase capacity as well as the program of anti-infection at the quarantine centers.