The Ministry of Health has declared a public health state of emergency in Libya, requesting measures be taken to punish violators of the quarantine in accordance with the Libyan health law, the spokesman for the Ministry, Faraj Tayeb Hassan said.

This came in accordance with the recommendation of an emergency meeting of the Minister of Health, Ali Al-Zanati, with the Epidemiology and Community Medicine Committee, the National Center for Disease Control and the committees and departments in the ministry, to discuss the increase in the number of infections with the Coronavirus, as a result of the spread of the mutated strain of the pandemic.

During the meeting, they stressed that the Department of Health Affairs is an inherent competence by the force of law of the Ministry of Health, with no party outside it taking decisions or measures in the health matter.

Hassan explained that the meeting recommended urgently equipping the isolation centers, providing the necessary needs for them, allocating a hospital in every major city as an isolation center in case of necessity, providing the needs of health workers in the fight against Coronavirus, and emphasizing that the closure of educational institutions is determined by the Epidemiology Committee without other.

The Epidemiology Committee recommended closing cafes, social event halls, summer resorts, restaurants and public parties.

The meeting also stressed the need to educate citizens about the importance of vaccines, methods of prevention and treatment of the Coronavirus through government platforms, various media outlets, and community organizations.