The Ministry of Health on Monday said it will dispatch a medical convoy to cities of the southern region.

The convoy, organized by the International Cooperation Office and the International Relief Committee, is composed of nine medical teams, Dr. Abdel Moneim Al-Kumishi said, noting that the number of doctors in each team varies from one area to another depending on the population density of each region.

According to Al-Kumishi, the teams will offer services to all inhabited areas along the southwest and southeast line, from Bint Baya to Ubari, in addition to Adri, Al-Uwainat, Ghat, Murzuq, Hamira, Kufra, and other villages.

He indicated that the convoy will continue throughout March, hoping the period will be sufficient to cover the entire swath of the southern region.

The Ministry of Health indicated that its goal is to remedy the medical staff shortage in remote districts and spare the inhabitants of these areas the long journey to hospitals.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Health Services Department in the Shura Administrative District in Kufra city southeast of the country has confirmed that a team of six doctors had arrived in the city and were already at work.