The Department of Inspection and Follow-up of the Ministry of Health said that it will open an investigation with the Director of Bir El-Osta Milad Hospital after his refusal to accommodate 50 tuberculosis patients in the hospital.

"The reasons provided by the hospital administration to explain its refusal cannot be counted unless an investigation is opened, especially that the hospital includes rooms containing isolation devices previously equipped in anticipation of the spread of swine flu disease," Director of the Inspection Department Ehab Al-Khunjari explained.

He added that 25 of the cases that were rejected were transferred from Abu Sitta Hospital for chest diseases after it was evacuated for maintenance work, while the other 25 cases were of new patients.

On August 9, Al-Khunjari announced an agreement with the management of Bir El-Osta Milad Hospital to hospitalize some cases from Abu Sitta Hospital until completing maintenance work in Abu Sitta Hospital.