infertility treatment

The Minister of State for Women's Affairs, Houria Tarmal, held a meeting with Ahmed Militan, the head of the Treatment Services Support and Development Authority, to discuss strategies for providing infertility treatment within Libya.

The meeting was prompted by an agreement between Libya and a Turkish medical company that specialized in infertility treatments, which will provide services within a maximum of three weeks at the complex clinic on Airport Road.

The parties discussed the importance of equipping medical centers with advanced technologies and foreign expertise in infertility treatment, to ensure that medical services are provided to citizens in an organized and efficient manner.

Another topic was an intitiave to establish a national system dedicated to delayed childbearing and an all-inclusive vision for this issue, in line with the government's "To Restore Life" plan.

The plan aims to develop centers for delayed childbearing and provide them with modern equipment and qualified medical personnel.

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