The National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has revealed that an emergency room has been operationalized to the south of the country to control the spread of measles in the region.

NCDC said in a statement that it equipped teams consisting of emergency office, monitoring and rapid response, vaccination, research and studies, awareness and education teams, as well as media and documentation team.

It disclosed that the region recently witnessed the emergence of several cases of measles infection among children and adults, especially in Al-Tayouri and Al-Karama neighborhoods of Sabha City.

Upon their arrival in Al-Tayouri and Al-Karama neighborhoods, the emergency office and monitoring and rapid response teams, examined 2,300 children, including 312 suspected cases of measles, NCDC added.

NCDC also explained that 41 blood samples were sent to the laboratory, of which 11 samples of children, showed positive results among those suspected of having measles, after which the team relied on clinical signs of measles in its diagnosis in order to preserve laboratory resources, according to the center.

1,901 children in Al-Tayuri and Al-Karama neighborhoods, of the age group from one day to 6 years old, were vaccinated against measles, rubella and polio, NCDC reported.