The Director of the Medical Affairs Office at Ghat General Hospital, Abdul Razzaq Al Sagheer, has stated on the hospital`s official Facebook page that 50 cases of food poisoning were admitted to the hospital in between the short time of Sunday evening and Monday.

Al Sagheer was quoted as saying "Up until now, we have recorded 50 cases of food poisoning, which we suspect is from eating pizza from a certain restaurant in the area and we expect that number to rise which will put extreme pressure on the hospital which is experiencing a lack of doctors, medicines and medical supplies.

Cases began pouring into the hospital after showing symptoms of fainting and vomiting, which are tell tale signs of food poisoning. The cases, which were seven yesterday evening and 43 on Monday are hoped to be dealt with despite the lack of medical staff, medicines and medical supplies according to the head of the Information and Awareness Office at the hospital, Aisha Al-Azzawi.