Libyan Red Crescent (LRC) has launched an emergency convoy of medications to hospitals in Benghazi, Sirte, and Hoon, to handle the huge shortage of medicines, pointing out that the first medications cargo took off from Tripoli toward Benghazi, whereas other two cargos headed to Sirte and Hoon from Medical Supply Authority’s headquarters (MSA) in Misrata.

The Head of the Disasters and Supply Department in the LRC, Omar Budabbous, said that the LRC is making contacts with parties on the ground to help the convoys reach the targeted districts and cities as well as to help create a humanitarian route via which the medicines can be provided for all areas.

The LRC has recently called on Tuareq and Tabu tribes in Sabha to stop the fight in their city to facilitate the movement of assistance supply and to help evacuate civilians from conflict areas. 

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