The National Center for Disease Control in Libya (NCDC) said the US National Center for Disease Control had replaced Libya in the fourth level on the scale of Coronavirus alerts of travel, thus placing Libya in the same level with Tunisia.

The Libyan NCDC said the Libyan epidemiological situation is still in a "society spread level" despite the slight improvement and the decrease to "0.87" this week, which could alleviate some of the precautionary measures if the same situation continued for two respective weeks.

The NCDC said there are insufficient accommodations at the quarantine centers with unstudied measures being taken, which could spin the situation out of control, reiterating the need for consulting with the health and scientific committees before any further steps.

Libya registered 31 new deaths and 2001 infections out of 7809 new test samples

as well as 1103 recoveries, thus increasing the total number of cases to 269.000: 200.000 of whom recovered and 3750 died.