The National Center for Animal Health announced a decline in the spread of foot-and-mouth disease among animals in the country, stressing that efforts to confront the disease are continuing to ensure its complete elimination.

The center added in a statement on Saturday that, with continued efforts to monitor and control the movement of animals, and distribute disinfectants and biosecurity materials to the regions, the spread rates have become lower than in the past.

The center confirmed that it was coordinating with international supporting bodies to obtain the diagnostic materials necessary to confront the disease, which has been detected in a large number of areas across Libya.

Meanwhile, Benghazi Municipal Guard reported that it had controlled the spread of the foot-and-mouth virus, which infected a large number of animals in the city and its suburbs. The Guard also announced in a statement on Saturday the lifting of restrictions placed on the movement of livestock, and their markets, provided that there is a veterinary health certificate from the Animal Health Office.

Since last January, cases of foot-and-mouth virus have been recorded among cows, goats, and sheep, and the total number of deaths reached about a thousand animals, while the total number of infections was more than 3,600, according to what the Animal Health Center announced.