The National Heart Centre in Tajoura district east of Tripoli has reopened several departments, including those providing diagnostic medical services, after completing maintenance and development work.

An opening ceremony took place on Thursday, in the presence of Vice President of the Presidential Council (PC), Ahmed Maiteeq, the Director-General of the centre Dr. Abdul Raouf Fares, and Commander of the Tripoli Military Region, Major General Abdel Basset Marwan.

The officials and visitors toured the facilities to inspect the new work and the sophisticated equipment installed, which will have an immediate impact on the centre's capacity and its ability to deliver better services, according to the Director-General of the centre, Dr. Abdul Raouf Fares.

Meanwhile, PC Deputy Head Maiteeq emphasized the need to focus on the human factor, stressing that it is no less important than the logistical capacities, especially the paramedical personnel who serve as the hospital's backbone, according to his statement.