Tobruk Medical Center has decided to impose fees on patients as a new way to fund the center and deal with shortfall in budget.

The Media Office of TMC said the fees have been imposed in implementation of the Health Ministry of Al-Thanni government’s decision to buy the needed medicine and equipment for the center.

“The fees will be only symbolic and low-income people who earn less than 500 dinars a month will be excluded, in addition to the people of special needs and IDPs,” the Head of Media Office Anwar Sharif declared.

The decision of Al-Thanni government is the first of its kind in Libya since all public hospitals and health centers offer free treatment to patients.

The fees range from LYD 3-10 dinars. According to decision, a medical examination would cost LYD 3 dinars, while the highest fee would be for performing echocardiogram and cardiotocography (CTG) monitoring, which is LYD 10 dinars.