Libyan travellers who were put under quarantine in a hotel in Zuwara city upon their return from Egypt have been permitted to go back to their homes, said Zuwara Security Directorate on Friday.

"The returnees have completed their isolation period and the latest round of tests have cleared all of them, including an 11-year-old boy who tested positive in the previous test," Zuwara Security Directorate explains.

"The quarantine process was secured and followed up by the security directorate around the clock," it added, noting that it had recorded no breaches of the isolation guidelines throughout the quarantine period.

It also praised the cooperation of those who were undergoing quarantine as well as the efforts of the hotel's management and the medical staff in charge.

The director of the International Health Supervision affiliated to the National Center for Disease Control at the Libyan-Tunisian Ras Ijder crossing border, Mukhtar Al-Mansouri has explained that tests were conducted for everyone upon their entry to the Libyan border.

All Covid-19 tests came out negative except for one case of an 11-year-old child, who was isolated immediately with his family in a special section on their own, according to Al-Mansouri.

"The infected child and his family were cleared of the disease and were allowed to leave quarantine after undergoing another test, he confirmed.

Zuwara municipality had agreed to receive returned travellers coming from Egypt on July 4 to spend the quarantine period in a hotel in the city in order to ensure that they will be no threat to the community.