The spokeswoman for the Tripoli Neonatal Hospital, Fatima Al-Bakoush, has said the facility is suffering from acute shortages of basic materials and equipment since the kickoff of 2014, adding that the assistance (equipment needed for labs to work and other basic materials) that they have received are about to finish.

In a televised statement, Al-Bakoush indicated that the hospital is suffering from shortages of the needed equipment and materials for the laboratories, the devices at the ICUs, newborns’ unit, and the dialysis unit, “let alone the acute shortage of nurses,” she added.

“The hospital is specialized in the neonatal healthcare only, in addition to the outside clinics that give various medical services for at least 2000 patients a month.” She explained, stressing that the accommodation capacity in the hospital has been largely decreased (now 60 beds only) after many parts were closed following partial collapse in the building.

“We’re on partial closure routine right now in the hospital, so I urgently urge the official authorities to find quick solutions to rescue the situation before the die is cast.” Al-Bakoush remarked, pointing out the fact that the hospital covers a big part of the western region and not only Tripoli, as there are no neonatal hospitals enough in the region.