The head of the National Center for Disease Control, Badr al-Din Najjar, said on Thursday that more than 100 cases of measles have been registered after the outbreak in a number of Libyan cities.

In a press statement, Najjar explained that the Center recorded cases of measles in Qatron, Ubari, Ajdabya, Tripoli and Zliten, adding that they are working hard to organize a campaign against the epidemic.

Najjar said that the Center is continuing with several international organizations, including the World Health Organization and UNICEF to launch a campaign to immunize children from 6 months to 14 years, adding that UNICEF has offered three million anti measles vaccinations as well as vitamin A.

He also said that the World Health Organization will provide logistical support to fight the disease, adding that health centres in the country do not have the vaccine against the measles epidemic, warning that it is a fatal disease in the absence of health care for those affected.

The Ministry of Health announced last Saturday the start of a precautionary campaign to contain any new cases of the disease.