The World Health Organization (WHO) has vaccinated over 86,000 children under the age of six against poliomyelitis as part of the national immunization campaign in eight municipalities in southern Libya.

The immunization campaign was conducted in coordination with the UNICEF and support of the National Center for Disease Control of the Libyan Health Ministry.

The organization said in a statement that the campaign was in the context of "continuing efforts to combat the proliferation of polio virus in Libya," explaining that the campaign was undertaken between April 29 and May 4.

“Despite difficult security circumstances at all stages of the campaign, 86253 (83.4%) children under the age of 6, including children of migrants and displaced persons, were vaccinated,” the WHO said in the statement.

It further noted that the evaluation of the partial national immunization campaign against polio is still going on by a neutral NGO, and that the WHO field team is verifying the immunization coverage data.