The World Health Organization (WHO) representative in Libya, Elizabeth Hof, made an official visit a few days ago to the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) HQ in Misrata city to learn about the branch's activities and its role in confronting the pandemic and limiting its spread within the region.

The WHO representative met with the centre's officials in the presence of the organization's representative for the central region, the head of the health committee of the Misrata Municipal Council, and representative of Doctors Without Borders., according to a statement by the NCDC on Monday.

The head of the Community Health Reference Laboratory in the branch gave a visual presentation on the laboratory’s work besides some statistics related to the detection tests for the coronavirus.

For her part, Hof praised the efforts made by the center in confronting the pandemic within the municipality.

It is worth noting that the NCDC Misrata Branch is considered one of the leading branches of the NCDC in terms of detection and control of the coronavirus pandemic.