Woman gives birth to quintuplets

Woman gives birth to quintuplets

July 07, 2015 - 18:23
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Doctors from the Central Hospital of Zlitin conducted Monday a successful birth surgery for a woman pregnant with quintuplets(five infants), who were all born in good health.

Dr. Fauzi Al-Sham, the surgeon who conducted the operation, told the Libyan News Agency (LANA) that despite the lack of equipment in the hospital, the emergency surgery for the pregnant woman was a great success, adding that the mother and the quintuplets; four males and one female, are in good conditions.

Dr. Al-Sham indicated that the five newborns did not need to be placed in infant incubators having birth-weights of 1.200 - 1.800 Kg, pointing out that the mother was well and stable after the birth operation, knowing that a medical crew have had their eyes on her and the infants round the clock.

This birth case attracted the city officials’ attention so that Zlitin’s Mayor, Muftah Al-Hamadi and municipal member, Mustafa Bu Aisha, visited the hospital to check on the mother and the quintuplets, promising to provide the father with a money grant for six months as a gesture of help.