The Ministry of Health opened on Friday the "Abu Surra" regional hospital, in Zawiya city west of Libya, with a capacity of 75 beds.

Dr. Mahmoud al-Ahrash Director General of the hospital praised during the opening ceremony the efforts of the Ministry of Health, and everyone who contributed to the establishment of this facility.

According to the Information Office of the Ministry of Health, the hospital has been equipped with edge-cutting equipment, including a digital fingerprint scanner and a fire control system.

The hospital contains two rooms for general surgery operations, spaces for cesarean and normal birth deliveries, and radiology and x-ray departments. It also includes 75 beds with 13 intensive care beds equipped with modern devices and oxygen supplies.

It may be important to note that the "Abu Surra" village hospital was a health center before the Presidential Council issued a decision to develop the centre into a hospital in 2017.