The (6+6) joint committee -formed by the House of Representatives (HoR) and the High Council of State (HCS)- is meeting for a new round of talks in the Moroccan city of Bouznika starting from Monday.

On top of their agenda will be points of contention related to the constitutional and legal frameworks and the electoral process.

Representatives of the HoR include Noureddine Khaled, Jalal Al-Shuwaidi, Saleh Qelma, Abu Salah Shalabi, Miloud Al-Aswad, and Ezzedine Qwereb.

On the other side, the HCs delegation consists of Ahmed Juma Al-Awjali, Hammad Muhammad Brikao, Omar Muhammad Abulifa, Fathallah Muhammad Hussein, Fawzi Rajab Al-Oqab, and Mama Suleiman Bilal.