The Interior Ministry of the Presidential Council announced that Brig. Gen. Khairi Al-Ritimi, an officer in the Air Force of the Ministry of Defence, has committed suicide by killing himself with a pistol in the toilets of Ben Nabi Mosque during Fajr prayer in Mansoura district of Tripoli.

The ministry clarified that worshippers at the Mosque said that they heard a gunfire in the toilets and when they rushed out; they found Al-Ritimi dead with a shot in the head while the gun still in his hand.

The ministry also reported that before his suicide, Al-Ritimi messaged one of his friends asking him to look after his family.

Earlier, several news sites reported that Brig. Gen. Khairi Al-Ritimi was assassinated with a hail of bullets while on his way to Fajr Prayer on Friday.