The general manager of the Algerian Sonelgaz company, Murad Ajal, said that talks with officials of the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) focused on a project to establish a direct electricity network with Libya, adding that both parties must find financing sources and set the necessary time. Ajal also said they were discussing exporting electricity to Libya.

Ajal indicated that the quantity of electricity exported to Libya would not be large if Sonelgaz transported it through Tunisia, indicating that talks with GECOL were still underway, expressing Algeria's readiness to provide its services to the Libyan side in various fields of energy, especially exporting electricity, in addition to other areas that include maintenance and operation of stations and electricity grids, as well as maintenance of equipment, manufacturing of spare parts, and training of workers.

A delegation of GECOL officials visited Algeria last month and met with officials of the Algerian electricity company "Sonelgaz". The two delegations discussed ways to reactivate cooperation relations between Sonelgaz and GECOL.