Army cracks down on gangs in Bani Walid

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Army cracks down on gangs in Bani Walid

May 24, 2022 - 13:34
Written by: SafaAlharathy

The Libyan army has launched a large-scale operation to crack down on outlaws and gangs in Bani Walid town west of Tripoli.

A statement by the 444th Fighting Brigade of the Libyan Army said on Monday that a task force raided six hideouts for outlaws and smugglers in an "unprecedented" operation in Bani Walid.

It noted that their move, which took place on Monday morning, was widely welcomed and supported by the residents of the city.

The brigade has been storming several smuggling dens in the western region, mainly in Bani Walid, and arrested a number of gang members involved in smuggling operations.