The Public Prosecution has remanded in custody a man accused of involvement in a criminal gang; complacency in acts of banditry, kidnapping and possession of illicit weapons without authorization.

The Office of the Attorney General explained that the judicial control officer at the Benghazi airport arrested the accused as soon as he passed through the port. Then, the Public Prosecutor at the Office of the Public Attorney in Benghazi interrogated him about the charges against him, as a procedure for the arrest and summons order issued by the Chief Prosecutor in the Attorney General‘s Office, it added.

The Attorney General’s Office further stated that it had filed a criminal case against a criminal group established for the purpose of committing a number of crimes; the most recent of which was the detention of 18 expatriate workers in Libya in order to obtain sums of money in exchange for their release.  The office said that the accused was among the perpetrators of this incident.