The Director of Operations at the Brega Oil Marketing Company, Khaled Wahiba, confirmed the launch of a fleet, comprising of 50 trucks carrying 1.666 million liters of fuel and cooking gas on Monday, leaving Misrata warehouse, heading towards the southern region, indicating that the distribution process will continue without ceasing.

This came in a meeting with the Vice President of the Presidential Council (PC), Moussa Al-Koni in Tripoli, along with a number of ministers and mayors of the southern municipalities, wherein Al-Koni stressed the necessity to overcome all difficulties that may interfere with the arrival of the fuel and cooking gas to the south.

He called on the mayors of the municipalities to play their part in following up the distribution operations from the Sabha oil depot to the appointed stations/

Sothern Libya regions suffer from a severe fuel crisis due to the poor security situation and repeated attacks on designated fuel tanker drivers.