The Bureau of Statistics and Population Census, affiliated with the Ministry of Planning, has released the initial findings of its 2023 survey concerning Libyan households' income and spending habits.

As per the survey, the average monthly income of a household was found to be 3,383 Libyan dinars, which included 55.7% from wages and salaries, 20% from rental income, and the remaining amount from various sources such as economic activities, pensions, benefits, savings, assets, and miscellaneous bonuses and rewards.

In terms of household expenses, the total expenditure was 3,094.5 Libyan dinars. The breakdown of expenses was 40.4% for food items, 23% for housing expenses, and 10.38% for clothing and footwear.

Additional expenditures were directed towards furniture, education, healthcare, transportation, leisure, cultural activities, dining out, and cigarettes.


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