The Central Committee for Local Elections announced the launch of the electoral process for the elections of 12 municipal councils.

 The committee clarified that the elections will take place in Tarhuna, Janzour, Al-Abraq, Murada, Al-Khums, Al-Qayqeb,  Zuweila, Al-Arban, Al-Jelidah, Zella, Al-Mardum and Teninai. Elections are also to be held in other municipalities, according to the Committee, pointing out that candidacy will be open based on the regulation.

The committee called on the public to actively contribute to the success of the elections and to take the initiative to register in the voters' register in order to increase participation and engage in the electoral process.

Since the beginning of 2022, the Central Committee has been developing its electoral plan, especially after several decisions to establish new municipalities and the consequent measures regarding the separation and naming of electoral centers within those municipalities with the re-formation of their sub-committees.