East-based CBL suspends work to protest Al-Hibri's dismissal

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East-based CBL suspends work to protest Al-Hibri's dismissal

November 24, 2022 - 11:41
Written by: SafaAlharathy

The executive departments of the parallel Central Bank of Libya in Benghazi have expressed their bewilderment at what they called a "violation of the independent monetary authority" after the dismissal of the bank's head Ali Al-Hibri from his post by Parliament.

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives fired Al-Hibri and ended his membership and chairmanship in the Benghazi and Derna Stabilization Committee on the backdrop of alleged financial and administrative abuses.

"The decision contradicts the principle of legal independence, fortified by the soundness of the law," the CBL departments of the Benghazi branch stated, describing the dismissal decision as ill-conceived behavior.

They cautioned to take further actions and suspend work at the bank until finding a solution to the controversy in the legislative authority, demanding the rehabilitation of Al-Hibri's image.