Member of the Joint Military Committee, and commander of the Western Region joint forces, Brigadier General al-Fitori Griebel has reiterated that there is no negligence in getting the mercenaries out of Libya and they must leave at once.

In a press statement, Griebel underlined "This is our country and we will act to expel the mercenaries by all means".

He expressed optimism about the current stage and the progress made in the political track following the elections of the presidential council and a unified government that will be tasked to run the transitional phase until holding elections at the end of this year.

In a statement to the Saudi newspaper, Asharq Al-Awsat, based in London Friday, Griebel indicated that members of the joint committee have reached out to several leaders of the new transitional authority, which in turn confirmed their support for the entire course of the committee's work, especially with respect to the issue of expelling mercenaries and foreign fighters from Libyan territory, in accordance with the Geneva Ceasefire Agreement.