Gunfight re-emerges south of Tripoli

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Gunfight re-emerges south of Tripoli

September 20, 2018 - 11:59
Written by: SafaAlharathy

Hostilities resumed on Wednesday between Tripoli brigades and the seventh Brigade in several areas south of Tripoli.

The clashes broke out in the areas of Wadi al-Rabi and the vicinity of the Yarmouk Camp in the region of Khallet al-Furjan.

The Airport Road near the oil depot of Brega Company has also witnessed violent clashes between the Joint Deterrence Force of Abu Salim (a.k.a Ghneiwa group) and Al-Somoud brigade where warning sirens were sounded at the depot.

Wednesday's clashes come amid mutual recrimination on the violation of the truce on Tuesday between Ghneiwa group and Al-Somoud Brigade.