The High Council of State (HCS) called on the government on Sunday to direct attention to the rights and needs of people with special needs in order to benefit from their efforts and invest in their potential, in addition to helping them regain their desire and ability to compete and produce, by adopting rehabilitation programs and social and economic policies as well as development projects that ensure their integration into society.

The HCS said in a statement on the occasion of the International Day of People with Special Needs that the Libyan state is responsible for providing appropriate health conditions for the people with special needs,  giving them equal protection as the rest of the society, and strengthening their belief in their abilities and raising the level of their confidence to give and create.

The HCS indicated that disability is part of human nature, and dealing with it should be fair, especially at the level of enacting legislation, developing policies, providing social support, and committing to avoiding negative behaviors and discriminatory practices.