The Missing, Detained and Damaged Association of Tawergha said activist and Head of Tawergha Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Organization Omran Younis was arrested in Benghazi by a military apparatus.

The Association said Tuesday the arbitrary arrest of Younis was by taking him by force from his home in Benghazi on August 03 and his whereabouts are still unknown.

It also called on the Ministry of Interior of the parallel government and the military authorities affiliated with Haftar's forces to intervene urgently to release Younis, holding the kidnappers in Benghazi responsible for his safety, and demanded an end to kidnappings and arbitrary arrests throughout Libya.

The Association condemned these "gross violations of human rights", and considered them an attack on public freedoms and civil life, as well as on freedom of opinion and expression. It called on the authorities responsible for arrests to reveal the fates of all detainees, abductees and forcibly disappeared persons, and to release them immediately.