Head of Presidential Council, Mohamed Menfi, and Head of Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, met with Head of the Electoral Commission (HNEC), Imad al-Sayeh, on Sunday, to see HNEC’s readiness to conduct elections scheduled before the end of this year.

HNEC revealed, in a statement, that its president, Imad Al-Sayeh, received both Menfi and Dbeibah, and a number of ministers and government officials, in the presence of several members of HNEC's council.

Various roles that the partner ministries should play in the electoral process, foremost of which are the ministries of education and interior, were discussed  at the meeting.

The meeting also discussed the budget submitted by HNEC to the government to cover the cost of preparing and implementing the electoral process, ways to provide financial coverage for this process, and agreeing on a timetable for financing the stages of its implementation.