The US military website, Global Firepower (GFP), which specializes in ranking military forces, has ranked Libya 53 out of 142 countries in the military spending index, which was estimated at $3.4 billion in 2022.

GFP added that there are very weak indicators in which Libya ranked 140 out of 142, which are special mission aircraft, military manpower reserves, paramilitary force, helicopter carrier fleet and submarines.

It also explained that Libya occupied advanced ranks in other indicators, including the missile carrier, proven oil reserves, foreign debt, the fleet of frigates and self-propelled vehicles, oil production, major ports and commercial terminals.

The American website revealed that Libya owns 100 tanks, 2275 armored vehicles, 183 self-propelled vehicles, and 450 missile carriers, explaining that there are only seven warships in the country and one frigate with the absence of aircraft carriers and submarines.