The Mufti of Libya, Al-Siddiq Al-Gharyani, has said Muslims, whether peoples or rulers, are negligent toward the Palestinian Cause, stressing the need to prepare armies to support Islamic sanctities.

The Mufti added in his weekly program on Tanasuh TV that all Muslims denounced the Zionist attack on civilians and resistance in Gaza Strip and Jerusalem.  He also called on Muslim rulers to summon ambassadors of their countries and diplomatic missions to clarify their position and to consider this attack as one that targeted their countries.

"How can Muslims abandon their brothers when Allah has commanded them to support them?" The Mufti asked, pointing out that those who cannot use arms can choose other ways to support Muslims, and stressing the need to limitlessly support the resistance by those who have money.  He added that Muslims all over the world should go out to public squares and voice their support for the oppressed, as silence and surrender have dire consequences.