Misrata Court of Appeal sentenced former ISIS fighters to different prison terms: 23 of them were sentenced to death, 14 to life imprisonment, seven to 10 to 12 years in prison, and from three to five years for two fighters. The court acquitted five people, and the criminal case expired due to death of two people.

The trial of ISIS members, which lasted for more than nine months, was attended by a large number of leaders, fighters, wounded persons, and the families of the martyrs of the Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous operation, which rooted out ISIS from Sirte, their largest stronghold outside Syria and Iraq.

The court also decided to deport non-Libyans to their countries of origin immediately after the end of their prison terms. The defendants came from Syria, Tunisia, Sudan and Palestine, in addition to Libya. They were all arrested in the end of 2016 after Sirte was liberated from ISIS.