News Roundup – Tue, Jul 12, 2016

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News Roundup – Tue, Jul 12, 2016

July 12, 2016 - 16:53
Written by: AbdulkaderAssad

Last Updated: 11:28pm 


Fighters of Benghazi Shura Council have retaken the under-construction apartment buildings, locally known Siniya buildings, in Qanfouda neighbourhood, sources from the council said on Tuesday.


The military operations against the last hideouts of ISIS in Sirte are in high gear, the spokesperson of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos has declared, adding that the radical group is likely to collapse in the coming few days.


Defend Benghazi Brigades said their battle is not against any tribe or against those who disagree with them, but rather against Haftar’s terrorist project, adding that it won’t get involved in any oppressive attack and it would shake hands with anyone who has not shed blood of the innocent.


National Oil Corporation spokesman, Mohammed Al-Harari said they are ready to resume oil production and exportation. In presser, Al-Harari added that the NOC is totally ready to resume oil production once the fields and ports are secured and once the state of force majeure is withdrawn, stressing that securing the oil fields and ports is the responsibility of the UN-proposed government.    


NATO warships and drones are to work hand in hand with the EU’s Sophia mission to help control migrants’ flows across the Mediterranean off the Libyan coast in a mission announced by NATO head Jens Stoltenberg, who said the mission will be named “Sea Guardian.” 


Foreign service workers in Marij city in eastern Libya have left the city’s Public Services Company over non-payment of their financial dues for over 5 consecutive months, reported Al-Thanni government’s Libyan News Agency, adding that the head of the company, Mohammed Mahmoud, told the relevant authorities to take the needed measures that can bring about the necessary support for the company.

“The Company has been completely incapable of providing any services for the residents and if the crisis persists any longer, then an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe will take place.” Mahmoud added.


Petroleum Facilities Guard forces abducted five persons from the Al-Barasa tribe from Ajdabia city in retaliation of the kidnap of Mohammad Jodran yesterday in Al-Bayda, the brother of Ibrahim Jodran, who is the Chief of the Oil Facilities Guard. Gunmen from Haftar’s Interior Security Department kidnapped Monday Mohammed Jodran in Al-Bayda, at gunpoint and took him to Granada Prison because of his opposition to Dignity Operation.


Angry locals blocked roads with burning tyres and stones in Souq Joma'a neighborhood of Tripoli on Tuesday in protest against long-hour blackouts and lack of liquidity in the banks. Eyewitnesses said armed protesters also stormed Libyana Mobile Phone Company, the largest in the country, and Libya Telecom and Technology (LTT) - the main internet service provider- both are located opposite to Abu Sittah Naval Base where the UN-proposed government was located.


Interior Ministry of Al-Thanni government stops salaries of so-called Special Tasks Force after its chief Faraj Egaim declared that Dignity Operation was behind Benghazi assassinations.


Abu Dhabi is eying a full grip on Libyan economy so as to complete its dominance on the two most important sectors in Libya's economy and media, 70% of which is funded and owned by the UAE, Libyan sources told Emirates 71 Newspaper.


Human Right's Solidarity (HRS) issued on Sunday a call to immediately open a safe passage for the civilians, who are stuck in the areas where clashes are taking place in Benghazi, urging all to do away with all murder and revenge crimes.