Last Updated: 10:00pm

The UN-proposed government’s Foreign Ministry has diminished the number of Libyan staffers in overseas embassies to 55% to save about 220 million dollars for the country.


The spokesman of the Khalifa Haftar’s Dignity Operation forces, Ahmed Al-Mismari, said a number of forces supported by Fayez Al-Siraaj and the UN-proposed government’s defense minister-designate, Mihdi Al-Barghathi, are now positioned in Al-Jufra along with Ibrahim Jodran forces as well as Al-Qaeda-linked extremist group.


Several protestors organized a sit-in Sunday in Tripoli to show solidarity with the residents of Derna and Ganfouda, holding slogans urging for the end of the siege laid on the tow areas and for getting the trapped civilians out of there to avoid the bombing that has so far killed many people and destroyed many houses.


Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos forces have announced an ultimatum for the women and children, who are trapped and used by IS diehards as human shields in Sirte’s seaside Jiza neighborhood, asking them to leave trough a safe passage they mapped out on the seaside, sources from the operation reported. They added that the Sunday pronouncement stressed that the forces cannot guarantee the safety of the people trapped inside the besieged Jiza neighborhood, as the final battle to uproot IS is closing by. 


The head of the media office at the General Electricity Company, Adam Al-Mabrouk, said gunmen from Sabha used force to break into the northern power station and then stole its equipment, reaffirming that the armed men are still inside the station and looting the rest of its equipment with no interference by the city’s security forces.


Office of Education in Al-Zawiya has announced the resumption of study in schools today after it had been stopped for the last few days. The Mayor of Al-Zawiya also said that the city is experiencing relative calm while banks are still undergoing cash shortages.


The spokesman of the air force emergency room at Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos military operation, Mohammed Ganunu, said their fighter pilots carried out over 2075 takeoffs split into surveillance, transport, and strikes between March 14, 2015 and October 30, 2016. He added that Libya’s air force has been having a close eye on the moves made by IS militants in Sirte since March 2015.


The Director of Misrata airport, Adel Gazit, confirmed that the airport had been closed over the strike organized by Libyan Company for Catering and Ground Services’ workers. He indicated that the company couldn’t pay out the financial dues of the workers over the past 11 months, which led to the workers’ strike and eventually the closure of the airport.