Last Updated: 9:52pm

London meeting on Libya, held on Monday and Tuesday, has discussed a number of procedures that can remedy Libya’s shakable economy, media outlets have reported.


The United Arab Emirates has now officially been shown to have obtained ground in Libya’s east through a military base it had set up in Al-Marj on the site of an old airstrip in a region known as Al-Sulaiyah, according to The New Arab.


Abu Bakir Al-Sideek Charity has distributed over 100 school bags full of all needed school material to the needy families in Derna. The step came simultaneously with the kickoff of the new school year aiming at helping those families provide for their children amid the rising prices and lack of cash in the besieged city.  


A number of Constitution Drafting Assembly members welcomed the ruling of Al-Bayda Appeals Court that was delivered on Monday regarding the rejection of the lawsuit made by some of their colleagues. The lawsuit was made by members who favored the last draft, in which they requested to cancel Al-Bayda Appeals Court former verdict that ordered an amendment into the quorum as it was at odds with the provisional constitutional declaration.  


An uneasy calm has descended on Al-Zawiya city this Tuesday morning after a ceasefire was agreed upon on Monday evening, sources from the city reported.


A spokesman for the Western Region Operations Chamber, Sabri Kashada, said the Libyan air force sent warplanes from Mitiga air base in Tripoli on reconnaissance tasks above Al-Zawiya city to help solidify the reconciliation between the two warring groups.


Medicines and Foods Control Center rejected a number of foods cargos coming from Italy, India, Lebanon, and the UAE because they violated the Libyan nutrition and commodities standard or because they contained banned colorful substances.