Last Updated: 5:20pm

Tunisian Defense Minister said about 1000 Tunisian nationals have joined IS in Libya so far and the numbers given before about the existence of 2000 or 3000 ones in Libya are a matter of exaggeration. He added that some of the nationals who joined IS in Libya have dual citizenship – French and Tunisian.


Italy’s Brothers Party founder and former Defense Minister called for building a huge migrants sheltering center in Libya and for forcing Europe to distribute the illegible refugees among its countries. He also said he is hopeful that an international military mission would go to Libya, not to occupy it, but to be present in the very few ports from which “death boats” sail off.


Complete power outage has descended on the southern region from Jufra to Ghat, Sabha, and Al-Shuwairif due to a technical failure, according to General Electricity Company officials, who added that maintenance is underway.  


Benghazi notables and elders council issued a statement shouldering the HoR and the so-called general command of forces led by Kahlifa Haftar the responsibility for the safety of the families stuck in Ganfouda, demanding a safe passage to evacuate the Libyan families and foreigners from Ganfouda to Tripoli.  


According to officials at the Misrata airport, eastern aviation authority along the area from Sirte to Egyptian borders has disallowed Libyan Airlines flight LN212 to take off from Misrata airport toward Burj Al-Arab airport in Alexandria in Egypt unless it  would make landing in Lebrag airport in spite of the agreement made with the Egyptian authorities to allow direct flights from Mitiga and Misrata airports.