Russia’s Tatneft resumes operations in Libya

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Russia’s Tatneft resumes operations in Libya

October 15, 2021 - 21:50
Written by: RabiaGolden

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced that the Russian Tatneft Company has initiated the completion of drilling for the identified Well No. B-82 in the Hamada area in the Ghadames Basin, which is progress ceased in February 2011 at a depth of 3900 feet.

The NOC indicated that Tatneft will continue drilling to an expected depth of 8700 feet and this is expected to take approximately 45 days, noting that the company decided to resume its exploration program in Libya following extensive meetings and mutual visits on the subject.

The head of the NOC, Mustafa Sanallah said that Tatneft’s resumption of its work in Libya is expected to advance production operations, which is evidence of the improvement in security conditions and that Libya has once again turned the corner, joining the ranks of the targeted countries for investment in the oil and gas sector.