The UK Defence Senior Advisor to the Middle East and North Africa, Martin Sampson, has affirmed his country support for efforts to unify the Libyan military institution, to establish security and stability, stressing that the unification of the military institution would pave the way for elections.

This came during his meeting with members of the Presidential Council, Moussa Al-Koni and Abdullah Al-Lafi, and the Chief of the General Staff of the Army, Mohammed Al-Haddad, in the presence of the British Ambassador to Libya, Caroline Hurndall.

The meeting dealt with the military situation in the country, and the role of security institutions in imposing security and achieving stability. 

For his part, Al-Haddad stressed the continuation of work to unify the military institution through the Joint Military Commission 5 + 5, to impose security, collect weapons, and create an appropriate environment to end the transitional stages and reach elections.