The Security Council Sanctions Committee on Libya is expected to hold a meeting today on the developing situation in Libya.

Libya's Ambassador to the UN Al-Taher Al-Sunni confirmed that the committee and the Group of Experts headed by India will hold an informal closed session on Monday to discuss the implementation of Security Council resolutions and sanctions.

According to Al-Sunni, the session will be attended by Libya and members of the Council, neighbouring countries, the parties concerned with the Libyan file, and the states mentioned in the Sanctions Committee report, besides the Arab League, the African Union, and the European Union.

"The meeting is the fourth of its kind and aims to discuss and refute what was stated in the reports of the expert group and the extent of commitment to implement the UN decisions, with a focus on the arms embargo, the freezing of assets, and attempts to illegally export oil, besides the sanctions against individuals included in the list of punishment," Al-Sunni tweeted.