The UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) said on Twitter, on the anniversary of 17 February revolution on Friday, that Libya's leaders must put the country's interests above their own, end the current political impasse and empower the people to choose their own leaders in 2023 through inclusive elections.

UNSMIL added that the past twelve years were marred by a crisis that affected all Libyans, and the affirmation of a popular aspiration for democracy, peace and justice, however; it is still possible to achieve the Libyan people's aspirations and lasting peace,

"Those aspirations have yet to be realized - and, as the country has stalled in a state of continuous transition, daily life - in many ways - remains difficult for people. The economy is unstable. Basic services like water and electricity aren't reliably delivered, and healthcare is under-resourced. Judicial processes are stalled, and human rights aren't respected amidst security concerns. People are losing patience." UNSMIL added.